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Marius-Tiberiu Alexianu selected as member of the International Advisory Board of Springer’s Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

Project manager Marius Alexianu has been selected as member of the the International Advisory Board of the Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology published by Springer.


Official discolsure

Marius-Tiberiu Alexianu the main author of the first ethnoarchaeological study in Romania dedicated to the ethnoarchaeology of salt springs in Moldavia (‘The Exploitation of the Salt-Water Sources in Moldavia: an Ethno-Archaeological Approach’), Thraco-Dacica 13, 1992, p. 159-167, cited in the special works issued abroad. The methodology proposed by the ethnoarchaeological study was extended and applied to other areas of Romania and Turkey. M. Alexianu had published a monography and numerous papers regarding the ethnoarchaeology of salt springs. The most recent one is a chapter in a volume published in Springer Publishing House (Saturated model. A first application in world and Romanian ethno-archaeology, in A. Marciniak, N. Yalman (Eds.), Contesting Ethnoarchaeologies, 2013). He is also the director of two research projects The salt springs of Moldavia : the ethnoarchaeology of a polyvalent natural resource, 2007-2010 ( and The ethno-archaeology of the salt springs and salt mountains from the extra-Carpathian areas of Romania, 2011-2014 ( He has participated at many prestigious international conferences as organizer and key-speaker.

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