The 2016 International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management Conference took place in Salalah, Oman, between the 2nd and 5th of May 2016 The meeting featured the session Archaeological Heritage of Salt: Preserving and Interpreting, chaired by the EthnosalRo members Marius Alexianu, Olivier Weller, Robin Brigand and Roxana-Gabriela Curcă.


Marius ALEXIANU: “Heritage of Salt: Intrinsic Connections”

Olivier WELLER: “Archaeological Heritage of Salt: Chance or Necessity? From a French archaeological site (Les Fontaines Salées, Yonne) to an European overview for the Prehistoric times”

Ning JIA, Lijuan HUO and Xiaowei LIU: “Research on Interpreting the Information of Shuangwangcheng Archaeological Site of Salt-Production”

Robin BRIGAND and Olivier WELLER: “Neolithic Territories and Salt Exploitation in Moldavia (Romania)”

Valerii KAVRUK: “Archaeological Saltscapes in Transylvania (Romania)”

Gheorghe ROMANESCU, Roxana Gabriela CURCĂ and Ștefan CALINIUC: “The natural heritage of salt in Romania, between geology and archaeology”

Katia HUESO KORTEKAAS: “Artisanal saltscapes in Europe: A window into the past?”

Alazne OCHANDIANO and Mikel LANDA: “Keeping to authenticity in saltmaking to secure a sustainable future for living cultural landscapes; the case of Añana Salt Valley”

Ulises CÁRDENAS HIDALGO: “Las Salinas” of Valley of the Moon: Settlement of a forgotten history contemporary mining in the Puna de Atacama, Antofagasta region, Chile”

Takamune KAWASHIMA and Tinka DELAKORDA KAWASHIMA: “Preserving traditional salt production in Japan”

Mihaela ASĂNDULESEI: “ From Archaeological Past to Living Landscapes of Salt in Eastern Romania”