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The team

  • Associate Professor Marius-Tiberiu Alexianu, PhD (ethno-archaeology)
  • Oliwier Weller, PhD (ethno-archaeology) (CNRS Paris)
  • Professor Ion Sandu, PhD (chemistry)
  • Professor Gheorghe Romanescu, PhD (geography)
  • Robin Brigand, PhD (ethno-archaeology) (Univ. of Franche-Comté)
  • Assistant Roxana-Gabriela Curcă, PhD (linguistics)
  • Assistant Vasile Cotiugă, PhD (archaeology)
  • Andrei Asăndulesei, PhDc (archaeology)
  • Radu-Ștefan Balaur, PhDc (archaeology)
  • Ștefan Caliniuc, MA (archaeology)
  • Student Alexandru Bounegru (geography)

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